11 things that are great about SAP Business ByDesign

Built in analytics

SAP BYD comes with built in business analytics powered by Hana. Usually with ERP products you need to buy separate product for analytics.


Built with using SAP ECC experience

This on is kind of hard to explain but after a while you start to feel that same people have built it who has built ECC. This means that there are many similarities but they have also taken the experience and made BYD better and more convenient.



BYD comes with good built in workflow automation. You can assign tasks to other people and configure the system so everyone receives work assigments automatically. If you create a service order the service worker will get notification on their screen and know what to do.


Sourcing process

Sourcing process is by far the best I have seen in BYD. You want to buy something, you ask suppliers for quotes, compare the quotes, ask for new quotes, accept the quote etc. Everything works well and is easy to use.


API’s and web services

There are 231 Web services available in version 1611. This means that almost everything in BYD is accessable from outside BYD and you can also send back data or call out BYD functions.


Integration scenarios

There are 70 integration scenarios available in version 1611. They include scenarios for integration SAP BYD with third party applications, on-premise applications etc. For example you can integrate SAP BYD out-of-box with payroll system, e-commerce solutions, point-of-sale applications, engineering applications etc. Read more here.


Excel integration

All the reports and analytics in SAP BYD can be opened in Excel as well with SAP BYD free excell plugin. You can query the data straight from BYD system very easily.


Updates 4 times a year

SAP BYD receives technology and feature updates every quarter.


Idea forum

SAP BYD has idea forum for all the users where they can post their wishes and then the community can up-vote the idea and if it has enough supporters, SAP will consider developing the idea.


Document flow

One things thats adopted from ECC is the document flow. This is something that is extremely useful. You will see from you quotation till your G/L postings in accounting and everything in between what has happened with you documents. No need to query and search for order related information from different views.


Its a complete solution

SAP BYD basically is: ECC, BW, CRM, SRM, SCM. You will get all the business applications you will need with only one software.

Read more about SAP BYD from here: https://allbyd.com/what-is-sap-byd-all-about/

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