Activating and consuming a Web service from SAP Business ByDesign

In the video above I will show You how to:

  • find all available web services in ByDesign
  • all the necessary steps in activating the service for consumption – creating communication system, creating communication scenario, creating communication arraignment
  • querying and actually using the Web Service


For more technical information read the following post – how to consume SAP ByDesign Web services with NodeJS

Hope you enjoy the video and if You have any questions or want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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  1. Hi Joel. I had accident where I deleted my google account and therefore videos are gone aswell. I don’t have it saved on my machine. I might record it again in the future. If you got any specific question don’t hesitate to reach out

    1. Hi Villem, I’ve been trying to learn how to use ByD web services with little luck so far. I know what the services are and have the communication set up and can query using SoapUI. I was interested in your video for the “querying and actually using the Web Service” part. I will be using C# to consume, not sure what you use in your video. Any direction you can give would be awesome. Tx!

  2. Oh please please please re-do this video! I am really struggling to get this to work and this is what I really need to know! Was so sad when the video wouldn’t load!

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