Batch specific conversions for batch handled materials

I recently needed a functionality for a customer in SAP BYD similar to ECC MILL-CUT add-on factor batches. This means that I wanted to handle material in batches and with factors. This functionality is needed when you deal for example with a product where you sell and produce it by meters and batches but you never know how big one batch will be. It can be 5x123m or 8x194m and its still same product.

I was able to achieve this functionality in SAP BYD as following.

1. Material where batch specific Quantity Conversion is enabled for each => m3. (its a wood product).

Its needed because in reality I never know how many m3 one pc of the product will be. The length of one piece can be 1m or 5.342m. I need to set the length and therefore calculate the m3 when I enter the batch level and not on the material level.

2. When doing goods receipt for the batch (it applies also when you make confirmation for production task for example) I will enter the batch number and specify the conversion for 1 ea of the material.

Here I can enter that 1 ea == 2,358m

Now i’m able to enter the factor for the quantity as following:

I entered that I received 56 ea of this material. And the system is able to automatically calculate the m3 of this quantity.

This means that I have one row with quantity of 78,15 m3 and I can receive different batches with factors and which will add up to this one row.

Now the second batch:

Same material but one ea is different length and therefore different m3 then the first one.

Total for the row adds up nicely.

With the solution above you can produce length or volume based batch product in SAP ByDesign.

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