ERP Situation in the market

Found this interesting report by They have made quite comprehensive study on the ERP situation in the market in 2016. Here’s some key takeaways. Average cost per ERP project has gone down in the recent years but on the same time duration has gone up. This can mean that the license costs have come down […]

SAP Business ByDesign Cost

There are different types of users in SAP BYD and they have different prices. Enterprise users Team users Self-Service users Most expensive users are Enterprise users and they have the most access aswell. Team users are focused on one specific business are, i.e project management, production etc. Self-Service users are limited users. They can be […]

SAP BYD blogs, resources, information, tutorials

SAP Business ByDesign is not as wide spread as ECC for example. When you get error 99% of the time googleing the error doesn’t give you anything. In ECC you can google for example SAP Error account determination and you will get tons of answers in SCN. Its different with BYD. Here are top places […]

Dictionary for people coming from ECC world

Coming to SAP ByDesign from ECC is like breading fresh air after spending long time in windowless basement. Its modern, good looking, easy to use. I will explain some of the BYD principles and keywords to make the transition easier for the ECC dinosauruses. SPRO/Business configuration In BYD SPRO is replaced by Scoping and fine tuning. […]