Standard Cost vs Moving Average Cost in SAP BYD

Small matrix to help understand the difference between the standard and moving average cost in BYD:   Standard Cost Moving Average Inventory Cost Predetermined value that remains constant until changed manually Average of current inventory value and all receipts of material into inventory Goods Receipts No effect on inventory cost Recalculate inventory cost Accounting for […]

Logic for project valuation in SAP ByDesign

The logic for system to determine the valuation of project items is following in SAP BYD. Planned services and materials which are used in the projects are valuated by predefined valuation strategies with priorities/access levels. Strategy for services staffed with internal employees: Labour resource cost rate Service cost rate Strategy for services staffed with external […]

Sourcing process in SAP Business ByDesign

Overview of how the sourcing process works in SAP Business ByDesign. Sourcing process in SAP Business ByDesign starts with purchase proposals coming from the system. They can be triggered by sales orders, projects, production needs etc. Purchase proposal can be bundled into Purchase requests. Purchase request is something that is controlled by human and is 100% […]

SAP Business ByDesign MTO batch production

Here’s a quick walk through and introduction to SAP BYD’s batch production process. We will be creating: Creating material master data with relevant planning, logistics, availability confirmation views Bill of Materials Bill of Operations Production Model After master data creation we will release the production proposals and orders and report production. When we will check […]

SAP BYD blogs, resources, information, tutorials

SAP Business ByDesign is not as wide spread as ECC for example. When you get error 99% of the time googleing the error doesn’t give you anything. In ECC you can google for example SAP Error account determination and you will get tons of answers in SCN. Its different with BYD. Here are top places […]

Dictionary for people coming from ECC world

Coming to SAP ByDesign from ECC is like breading fresh air after spending long time in windowless basement. Its modern, good looking, easy to use. I will explain some of the BYD principles and keywords to make the transition easier for the ECC dinosauruses. SPRO/Business configuration In BYD SPRO is replaced by Scoping and fine tuning. […]