Dictionary for people coming from ECC world

Coming to SAP ByDesign from ECC is like breading fresh air after spending long time in windowless basement. Its modern, good looking, easy to use.

I will explain some of the BYD principles and keywords to make the transition easier for the ECC dinosauruses.

SPRO/Business configuration

In BYD SPRO is replaced by Scoping and fine tuning.

Scoping is where you can choose the parts you will use in your solution, answer scoping related questions and based on its outcome you fill do the fine tuning.

Fine tuning is similar to ECC SPRO.


Its not possible to enter VA03 and see sales orders in BYD. In BYD transactions are replaced by Work Centers.

To see the sales orders you need to open the navigation menu, select Sales Orders and then click on the work center. There’s also opportunity to search for work centers.


Customer is called account in BYD. Other then that, accounts master data is still pretty similar to ECC’s customer master data. One very good improvement however is that you have sales and financials integrated to account view.

Goods receipt(MIGO)

There is two different types of goods receipt in BYD. First is from WC Goods and Service receipt. Quite obvious but it is meant only for:

Service receipts

Receipts for non stock items

Receipts for stock meant for project

To make goods receipt on warehouse goods, you need to use WC called Inbound Logistics.

BOM, Routing

BOM, Routing and other production master data related things are located in WC called Planning and Production Master data.

One key difference between ECC is that BOM and Routing(Called BOO i.e Bill of Operations in BYD) come nicely together in Production model.



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