External MES addon for SAP ByDesign

Here’s a quick overview of a external appication that we have developed for confirming production tasks in SAP ByDesign. This solution is tailor made for customer needs where they want to collect production data first from production line to excel sheet and then upload the data to SAP. The product is developed using ReactJS and NodeJS and connected to ByDesign via multiple SOAP web services.

Features include:

  • Query open and in process production tasks from SAP
  • Display production related data
  • Process pasted text from excel into HTML table and check for logical errors and notify the user
  • Create and activate new identified stock (batch) in SAP before posting
  • Post input and output products of the production task into SAP
  • Collect all errors back from SAP and display them to user
  • Handle both normal identified stock and also specified stock with batch numbers
  • Can handle hundreds or thousands of entries at once

Video showing how the solution works:



If you need similar tool to be built and connected to ByDesign don’t hesitate to contact me.

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