[Guest post] Migrating Data in SAP Business ByDesign: A Guide

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Migrating Data in SAP Business ByDesign: A Guide

Migrating Data is a key part of any business software implementation. It can make the difference between a smooth cutover and disaster! But how is it done in SAP Business ByDesign? Leading UK SAP Partners, In Cloud Solutions have some advice.

Getting data ready

Meeting your consultants and mapping out your processes are vital early steps in your ERP implementation. But sooner, rather than later, your trusted advisors will ask you to prepare your data. Our advice is to listen to what they have to say, as the earlier you get started, the more prepared you will be.

Getting started

Data migration starts with cleansing and you can begin this process at any time. It involves sifting through records to remove anything which is out of date, incorrect or duplicated. When you move data from your old system to your new one it is good to know that everything is clean and in order – but there is another reason too.

Bad data means bad results

If you don’t take the time to cleanse your data there may be an impact on your bottom line. Once you are live it is too late to realise that bad data can actually halt processes, creating knock-on delays which will ultimately lose you money.

How to get Data Migration right?

Pick your team early and then you can begin work straight away. But do take advice from your SAP implementation experts about the right way to do things – that way you can ensure that you have the right data in the right fields.

How to migrate data in SAP Business ByDesign

There are 3 different ways you can migrate data into Business ByDesign.

  1. Using SAP Standard Migration Templates. The templates are in Excel – pre-populated with all the fields you need. The benefit of this method is that you have a description of what the field means, how many characters or digits you can enter and the format required. It is simple to understand and manage.

Once the migration templates are populated, you can load them into the system using the Migration Upload Tool – which is a built-in help tool within SAP Business ByDesign which takes you through the loading process. This can be a great help because the tool constantly checks for problems and errors and makes suggestions for how to get over them. You can then simulate the import of data – which is a way of checking if the migration to a live system is going to be a success.


  1. The second way is to migrate your data direct from Excel using the SAP Business ByDesign Add On tool. Download the tool from the system and then upload the imported data. As with the migration tool, any error messages will be shown to the user and will stop the import to ensure no incorrect data is loaded.


  1. Finally, you can add records manually. This is only suitable for very small numbers of records.



Data Migration – The Big Day

Everything comes together at the Cutover – which is the culmination of all your hard work – the final step that brings you towards being able to use your new system.

This is a vital part of the project as actions now are time-critical, partly non-reversible, and effect other people. All cutover activities need to be tightly coordinated and managed.

The main tool we use here is called the Cloud Launch Navigator. The Data Migration activities will be scheduled and executed in the sequence outlined in the Data Migration Scope & Planning accelerator.

You will be asked to test the data before the actual migration takes place. With clean data, correctly loaded, all should be well. The benefit of testing is that it allows you to identify errors before the real migration begins. Possible errors may occur because SAP Business ByDesign is so strict! It will only accept data which is in exactly the right format. This may come down to something as simple as whether there are spaces between letters e.g. in postal codes.

With clean data which has been correctly loaded and fully tested, your data migration can be completed alongside the other cut over activities. Then you are ready to go live and begin your journey as one of the companies reaping the benefits of using SAP Business ByDesign.


In Cloud Solutions is the leading SAP partner in the UK specializing in SAP Business ByDesign. They sell and implement the system for clients across a wide range of industries and can call upon an expert team of in-house consultants and developers for any customization you require.



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