[Guest Post]Packaged Solutions – A New Direction for SAP Business ByDesign

Packaged Solutions – A New Direction for SAP Business ByDesign

Small and mid sized businesses are the life blood of most economies. According to one report, midsize businesses in the UK grew faster and generated more growth in the last five years than the nation’s large and small companies put together.

At the same time, advances in digital and cloud technology have made it possible for such companies to take advantage of automation previously only available to the biggest spenders. By automating and standardising the most common business processes small companies are overcoming barriers to growth.

However, for many companies taking the first steps into digital, the leap towards full scale business automation can be daunting. A large ERP system – even when accessed via the cloud – can seem like too much.

Step forward SAP who have given their vibrant and creative partner ecosystem the freedom to create a new generation of fixed-scope packaged solutions at predictable prices.


“The main goal of the new strategy is to offer customers a wider set of solutions to meet their individual requirements within an affordable price range,” said Karl Fahrbach, head of Global Channels, SAP. “As the SAP solution portfolio has grown with the addition of line-of-business solutions and is increasingly focused on the cloud, there is a need for a broader approach to solution packaging that is not only focused on enterprise resource planning software or limited to on-premise solutions.”

The solutions are designed to give customers a fast return on investment at high-quality standards.

At In Cloud Solutions, a UK SAP Partner based in the south of England, we have run with this idea and are creating packages based on SAP Business ByDesign which include something a bit extra to appeal to certain lines of business. For example CUB, (short for Contract Utilities Billing) which is a clever piece of software developed in-house which can handle complex billing scenarios. It allows Telcos, for example, to offer creative deals based on different call rates or other bundled deals where you might need to revert to a greater charge once the initial offer has run out. By packaging SAP Business ByDesign with CUB we can offer Telcos, Utility Companies and even Security Firms something that is not on the market anywhere else.

An additional attraction is the idea of providing a solution which is fixed in scope and has a fixed price. By limiting complexity you can attract customers who are nervous about committing to a big ERP project. So much advice out there on digital transformation suggests that those who are nervous should dip a toe in the water rather than leaving everything until it is too late. That is where Only Finance comes in, an In Cloud Solutions packaged offer that allows companies to take first steps towards a digital offering by tackling finance first. So many financial functions are predictable, it is an ideal start to automation. Companies who want to leave it there get the benefit of streamlined financials, while those who get a taste for it can look at the other modules SAP Business ByDesign has to offer.

You can find out more about the In Cloud Solutions offers for Utilities, Telcos and Security here and there are hundreds more imaginative packages to choose from a wide variety of other partner on the SAP Package Finder directory. Happy browsing!

Lucy Thorpe is head of content creation and social media at UK SAP partner In Cloud Solutions – the only UK Partner to specialise exclusively in SAP Business ByDesign.

Twitter @incloudsolns

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/in-cloud-solutions/

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