Integrate your B2B product with ERP system for marketing purposes

Here’s an idea for your B2B startup sales and marketing strategy – integrate it with Enterprise Resource Planning system.

It’s a good idea to pre-build some integration scenarios with a large ERP system because:

  1. You show your product is truly enterprise level;
  2. You show your product integrates with industry standard business processes;
  3. You make your product available for purchase for an already existing market segment;
  4. In most cases ERP is the core of a company’s business IT system;
  5. good opportunities for cooperating with the ERP vendor and possibly with their customers.

What kind of integrations am I talking about?

Let’s say you build B2B product for team productivity management. In order to do that you should build an integration to get employee records from some popular ERP.

Or you build a B2B analytics product to analyze customer behaviour and predict future expenses. In that case you should integrate it with a popular ERP to get the customer’s sales data.

Maybe you build a product that allow salespeople to create quick quotations while at a customer site, in which case you should integrate it with an ERP to get the information on products, customers and after quote is accepted, create a Sales order in the ERP system.

Sometimes your product does something that the ERP also does but your product is more specialized and does it better. At other times your product does something that the ERP doesn’t do and by integrating it to the core ERP system you could provide the maximum value for your customer.

If you are looking for help with integrating your product with SAP ERP then contact us.

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