SAP Business ByDesign Cost

There are different types of users in SAP BYD and they have different prices.

Enterprise users
Team users
Self-Service users

Most expensive users are Enterprise users and they have the most access aswell.

Team users are focused on one specific business are, i.e project management, production etc.

Self-Service users are limited users. They can be used for example ordering office goods for themselves, reporting time and so on.

There is requirement of minimum 20 licenses and out of these 20 five must be enterprise users. Other can be either team users, enterprise users or combination of the latter two. Self-Service users can be bought as addition to these users.

Pricing depends on the partner but here are some common prices:

User type
Price range $
Self-Service User
Team User
Enterprise User

If we take into account the minimum five enterprise users and add 15 Team users, we will get sum of 5×150 + 15×89 = 2085 USD PER MONTH.

This will of course depend on your implementation partner and the offer made to you but around 2k per month is something that will give an idea how much BYD will cost.

More detailed description about users and pricing can be found here

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