SAP Business ByDesign outlook for 2018

As the 2017 is coming to end SAP has revealed some of its plans for SAP Business ByDesign for the next year 2018.

The video by Rainer Zinow can be watched here:

If you can’t be bothered watching the video, here are some of the key points from the video.

Key numbers for 2017:
4100 companies in 131 countries use BYD.
16M Sales orders
700K Projects
26M Customer Invoices
41M Time recordings
320M accounting documents
5.5M Purchase Orders
1.45M Fixed assets
398k employees
3.8m production orders
3172 add-ons

Usage Analysis of productive Tenants (Year-to-Year comparions)

There are 12 components in total and here’s the percentage of each component usage by customer. For example 91% of customers use FIN components

Year 2016:

FIN 91%, CRM Sales 72%, Asset Mgmt 72%, Add-ons 57%, SRM 77%, WM 48%, Projects 47%, Expense Mgmt 45%, Time Recording 41%, Production 26%, CRM Service 9%, Quality Management 8%.

This is the yearly change in the usage of components:

FIN +5%
SRM +14%
CRM Sales +5
Assets mgmt +6%
WM +20%
Expense mgmt +3%
Time Recording 0%
CRM Sales  0%
Production +3%
CRM Service +1%
Quality +2%
Process Exentsions via Add Ons 36%

This clearly shows that customers are more and more using the SAP BYD web services and other tools to extend the processes and integrate other external systems to BYD.

Roadmap for 2018 functionality.

Here are only some of the picking from the new features and enhancements planned for ByDesign in 2018.

Dunning letters to suppliers
Serial numbers management in production and logistics
Shopping cart for inventory managed items
OData API to expose analytics data on source level
API portfolio enhancements
Beta version for ByDesign OnMobile App for IOS and Android

Cost derivation enhancements
Enhance resource availability with detailed planning information from projects — probably means tighter integration between project and production components.
SAP Analytics Cloud integration
GDPR support enhancements

Planned Landed costs
Usage based Billing
Handling of Customer Consignment Stock
ByD APIs on the SAP API hub
Insight-driven alerts and notifications

This list definitely looks very interesting as its promising many new features plus it has a big emphasis on the integration part which I think is very important.

There is much more information on the video and I highly suggest watching it.

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