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SAP Business ByDesign is not as wide spread as ECC for example. When you get error 99% of the time googleing the error doesn’t give you anything. In ECC you can google for example SAP Error account determination and you will get tons of answers in SCN. Its different with BYD.

Here are top places to search information and get help regarding SAP BYD.

  1. SAP official BYD community site
    Some good blog posts, some good articles. Possible to post questions and SAP employees will answer. Unfortunately its still little raw, many links don’t work etc.
  2. Built in help documentation in BYD
    BYD comes with really nice built in informations and manuals. There’s books, there’s key user manuals and more.
    Access it from inside the BYD as following
  3. Golden demo scripts for completing basic flows. This will help you get started.
  4. Built in incident management system
    Since there are no error codes available in BYD, only the error description and not much historical incidents its hard to google the actual error and solution. But luckily the built in incident management system allows you to search old incidents and errors and read the solutions. Access it from inside BYD:
    From Help center choose Solve problem or Report incident:
    Search for the error or problem you encountered. This is by far most useful to debug and solve SAP ByDesign errors.
    The solutions are provided in good old SAP Note format.
  5. SAP help page
    Good information to be found but difficult to search and navigate as these big sites usually are.

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