Setting up printer and printing labels

Tutorial on how to set up Cloud Print Manager for ByDesign and how to use it.

Cloud Print Manager for ByDesign is a stand alone application that you can install on your Windows machine to print documents from SAP ByD. It can work on local machine but in production should be installed on a print server. In this tutorial I’m installing the application on Windows 10 machine.

First thing download the plugin from SAP ByDesign WC:Application and User management->Business Flexibility->Download Center

Install the software on your machine but don’t start it yet.

First we need to create new user for the printing service. Theoretically you can use also your own user with admin rights.

To create a user, first find computer management and click on System tools.

Now select Local Users and Groups:

Now select users:

Select new user and enter the user details. Remove User must change password at next logon tick.

Make the user admin:

Now we should have a user ready.

After the user we need to find service for the Cloud Print Manager.

You can find the service by searching services.msc:

From the service list find SAP Cloud Print Services and Watcher.

Enter the logon details:

Now we need to go to the SAP ByDesign system and create print queue and assign user to that queue and set the password for the user. You can do that from WC:Application and User management->Input/Output management->Print queues.

Now we are ready to log to the Cloud Print manager.


First you need to make sure that the SAP Cloud Print Service is running and is green. If its green, configure your SAP ByD system.

Runtime System->New

Enter your login details using the user previously created in the ByD system. Make sure you untick the Business User if its technical user, it will not work otherwise.

This is it, we are now ready to start printing.

For testing purposes I configured the Cloud Print manager to save documents to file:

To test it I created a label at the moment of Inbound delivery.

This is the standard ByD stock label.


I can now use the bar code from that label to enter data in other production processes.

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