What is SAP BYD all about

Quick review of what SAP Business ByDesign is all about.

SAP Business ByDesign is SAP’s cloud ERP solution. It’s sold as SAAS product and it was announced on 19 September 2007. It has been kind of hidden in SAP world and not much talked about. That is about to change in 2017.

SAP BYD is SAP go-to-market product for mid size companies as their ERP solution. Its 100% cloud based ERP and runs on HTML5.

Its built on top of HANA technology and it uses FIORI UX (SAPUI5) concept. Its mobile friendly, easily extandable and quick to implement. Implementation time is just 8 to 12 weeks for finance, O2C and procure to pay modules.

Here’s a good video about SAP BYD strategy and roadmap for 2017 by SAP ByDesign’s Rainer Zinow

Some key takeaways from the video:

SAP will divide its product into a pyramid divided by employees. Everything under 1500 will get SAP BYD and everything above 1500 will get S4HANA either on premis or the cloud editions.

Some key facts from the same presentation about SAP BYD in 2017.

Deployed in 109 countries
258 Millions accounting documents
35 millions time recordings
24 millions customer invoices
15 million sales documents
370k employees
553k projects
2641 add-ins (intresting topic!)

SAP BYD certainly has its place in SAP’s ecosystem and its here to stay.

First-hand experience with SAP Business ByDesign

Coming from ECC world all I can say that SAP BYD is a good product. It is very intuitive to use compared to the clumsy ECC and it feels modern.

After using BYD for couple of months I can say that it has solved many issues that are present in ECC. For example navigation between transactions, searching with open text. BYD has very nice flow between processes. You create lead and assign it to sales person who can contact the customer and and create sales order, its natural and easy to use for the user.

Coming from ECC you will appreciate all the things that are good with BYD!
When using BYD you know that its made by the same people who made the famous ECC, it has their handwriting all over it.

Few pictures of SAP Business ByDesign.

First page after log-on:

Customer invoice list

Creating a sales order

According to this document published here – Roadmap-Business-ByDesign-verzie-20160512 (1) SAP BYD has 35 end-to-end process scenarios which some of are:

 Marketing-To-Opportunity
 Order-to-Cash for products
 Order-to-Cash for services
 Make-to-Order
 Make-to-Stock
 Drop Shipment
 Customer Returns
 Stock Transfer
 Strategic Sourcing
 Procure-to-Pay for products/ services
 Product Engineering
 Demand and Supply Planning
 Site Logistics and Warehousing
 Quality Assurance
 Financial Closing
 Cash and Liquidity management
 Project Lifecycle Management
 Field Service and Repair
 Request-to-Resolve
 Workforce Administration
 Expense and Reimbursement Management

SAP BYD is also very extendable. To create extensions to BYD you need cloud application studio software from SAP. That tools is based on Microsoft Visual Studio. With that tool you can create new functional extensions, adapt UI, build cloud-based, industry-specific applications or create other niche applications.

Heres a list of countries localized and supported in BYD:

Here’s a list of countries with tax basics already place in BYD:

Read more from this PDF by SAP.

This author here https://lbartkowski.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/what-is-the-future-partner-business-model-of-sap-business-bydesign/ has some clever insights from 2012.

Main points risen are:

  1. BYD will become popular because CFO’s as the main decision makers regarding ERP purchase will see cloud SAAS software as OPEX cost not CAPEx investment. This is big difference to purchasing ECC R3 system.
  2. Cloud and SaaS  (Software as a Service) solutions are already being used in corporations. Examples are Ariba, Capgemini IBX, Hubwoo, SuccessFactors, SalesForce.Com and others.

Want to know more?

Read http://allbyd.com/sap-business-bydesign-cost/ and http://allbyd.com/sap-byd-blogs-resources-information-tutorials/