Why BYD is best fit for growing startup as their ERP solution?

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At some point (the sooner, the better) you will realise that your startup could benefit from a good ERP system. ERP will help your startup become organized, keep records of the books, manufacture your products and track the costs, drive your projects and sales.

  • You will need something that will scale as your company grows
  • You will need something that is flexible with licensing
  • You will need something that has all the basics as accounting, CRM, projects but also much more as you grow
  • You will need something that is easily accessable via API’s from outside systems
  • You will need something that just works since maintaining ERP is not your company’s business
  • You will need all the data and analytics you can get

SAP BYD is a good fit because:

  • Its kind of a start up itself. It is being actively developed even as you read this, SAP BYD will receive new feature updates every four months.
  • SAP BYD has installations from 7 users to 1000+ users.
  • You can buy starter package for licenses and add more as your user base is growing.
  • SAP BYD has lots of features, starting from CRM to accounting and manufacturing. It has 35 end-to-end processes. Read more from here: https://allbyd.com/what-is-sap-byd-all-about/
  • SAP BYD has has more then 200+ API’s and web services available out of box. You can find the link to full list from here https://allbyd.com/11-things-great-sap-business-bydesign/
  • Its hosted in Germany by SAP and is guaranteed with 99% SLA. Also it has free 24x7x365 support for the subscribers.
  • BYD has built in analytic tools to get insights for business. Its in real time powered by HANA technology.
  • Its used by startups such as Skullcandy:

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